Constitution and By-Laws – Marion County Beekeeping Club




                                           Constitution and By-Laws


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MISSION STATEMENT: This club is formed for the purpose of 1. Educating of the public of all aspects involving honeybees and other pollinators endangered through chemical use, diseases, parasites, or other deleterious problems encountered in a bee’s short lifespan.  2.  Encourage new beekeepers by assisting them in set-up and operation of hives and mentoring them for the first year or as needed and assist all members as needed.  3. Encourage the youth of the area to become involved in a bee related field and to volunteer for leadership positions in the club.


Club will use Robert’s Rules of Order (If Needed)


Officers and Directors shall consist of:

(Board of Directors) Qualified Members Shall Be Appointed by President and serve during his/her tenure




1st Vice President

Immediate Past President

Membership Director



Constitution and By-Laws


Information Technology (website)



Public Relations


Educational Services, (SOBS) Save Our Bees Squad

Membership shall be open to those interested in helping save the bees and other pollinators.

Need not be a beekeeper to join.


Officers & Duties.

President.  He/she shall be the chief executive officer of this club; preside at all meetings of the board of directors and this club; issue the call for regular meetings and special meetings of the board of directors and the club; appoint the standing and special committees of this club and cooperate with chairpersons to effect regular functioning and reporting of such committees; see that regular elections are duly called, noticed and held.  President has no vote except to break a tie vote by club.


Immediate Past President. He/she and the other past presidents shall officially greet members and

their guests at club meetings. Shall serve as needed to fill emergency caused vacancies.

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Vice Presidents. If the president is unable to perform the duties of his/her office for any reason, the vice president next in rank shall occupy his/her position and perform his/her duties with the same authority as the president. Each vice president shall, under the direction of the president, oversee the functioning of such committees of this club as the president shall designate.


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Secretary. He/she shall be under the supervision and direction of the president and the board of directors and shall act as the liaison officer between the club and chosen bank used to hold club funds.

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He/she shall have custody and keep and maintain general records of this club, including records of minutes of club and board meetings; attendance; committee appointments; elections; member information, and a current addresses and telephone numbers of members.


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Treasurer. He/she shall: Receive all monies, from the secretary and otherwise, and deposit the same in a bank recommended by the finance committee and approved by the board of directors; Pay out monies in payment of club obligations only on authority given by the board of directors.

All checks and vouchers shall be signed by the treasurer and countersigned by the president.

Have custody and keep and maintain general records of club receipts and disbursements;

Prepare and submit monthly financial reports to the board of directors and members of this club.


Membership Director. The membership director shall be the chairperson of the membership committee.

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The responsibilities for this position shall be: Development of a growth program specifically designed for the club and presented to the board of directors for approval.  Regular encouragement at club meeting to bring in new quality members.  Ensuring implementation of proper recruitment and retention procedures. Report to the board of directors on ways to reduce the loss of members.

Coordination with other club committees in fulfilling these responsibilities.


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COMPENSATION. No officer shall receive any compensation for any service rendered to this club in his/her official capacity with the exception of the secretary, whose compensation, if any, shall be fixed by the board of Directors for items such as postage, etc.


Meetings and Quorum Requirements


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REGULAR MEETINGS.  Regular meetings of this club shall be held at times and places recommended by the board of directors, and approved by the club.  Meetings should strive to start on time and end at a reasonable time.


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SPECIAL MEETINGS. Special meetings of the club may be called by the president, in his/her discretion, and shall be called by the president when requested by the board of directors, at a time and place determined by the person or body requesting the same. Notice of special meetings setting forth the purpose, time and place shall be given to each member of this club, by mail or personal delivery, at least ten (10) days prior to the date thereof.


CHARTER ANNIVERSARY. A charter night anniversary meeting of this club may be held each year, at

which time special attention shall be devoted to the purposes and the history of this club.

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An annual meeting of this club shall be held in conjunction with the close of each year at a time and place determined by the board of directors, at which meeting the final reports of the retiring officers shall be read and newly elected officers shall be installed.


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QUORUM. The presence in person of at least (10) members in good standing and two elected officers including the president,  or a majority of the members in good standing shall be necessary for a quorum at any meeting of this club. Except as otherwise specifically provided, the act of a majority of the members present at any meeting shall be the act and decision of the entire club.


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GOOD STANDING. Any member who fails  to pay any indebtedness due this club within sixty (60) days after receipt of written notice from the secretary shall forfeit his/her good standing and shall so remain until such indebtedness

is paid in full.  Only members in good standing may exercise the voting privilege and hold office in this club.


BOARD OF DIRECTORS REGULAR MEETINGS. Regular meetings of the board of directors shall be held at such times and places as the board shall determine.


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BOARD OF DIRECTORS SPECIAL MEETINGS.  Special meetings of the board of directors shall be held when called by the president, or when requested by three (3) or more members of the board of directors, at such time and place as the president shall determine.



Elections and Filling Vacancies

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The officers of this club, excluding the immediate past president, shall be elected as follows:   A nomination meeting shall be held in November each year, with the date and place of such meeting to be determined by the board of directors and notice mailed to each member of this club at least fourteen (14) calendar days prior to the date of the meeting..


NOMINATING COMMITTEE. The president shall appoint a nominating committee which shall submit the names of candidates for the various club offices to the club at the nomination meeting.  At this meeting, nominations

for all offices to be filled in the succeeding year may also be made from the floor.


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NOMINEE UNABLE TO SERVE.  If in the interim between the nomination meeting and the election meeting any nominee is unable for any reason to serve in the office to which he/she was nominated and for which

office there was no other nominee, the nominating committee shall submit, at the election meeting, names of additional nominees for that office.


ELECTION COMMITTEE. An election meeting shall be held no later than December 15 of each year, at a

time and place determined by the board of directors, and fourteen (14) calendar days prior written notice shall be

given to each member of the club by the secretary, by mail or personal delivery. Such notice shall include the names

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of all nominees approved at the preceding nomination meeting, and a statement that these nominees will be voted upon at this election meeting. No nominations may be made from the floor at the election



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ANNUAL ELECTION.  All officers, other than directors, shall be elected annually and shall take office on January 1st or meeting closest following that date and shall hold office for one year from that date, or until their successors shall have been elected and qualified.


MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE. A membership committee shall be composed of three elected members

for a two year term.


BALLOT. All elections shall be by ballot by those present and qualified to vote. A plurality vote shall be

necessary to elect.


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VACANCY. If the office of president or of any vice president shall become vacant for any reason, the vice president shall advance in office.  In the event such provision for advancement shall fail to fill the office of president, or any office of vice president, the board of directors shall thereon call a special election, giving each member of the board in good standing prior fourteen (14) calendar days notice of the time and place, which time and place shall be determined by said board, and such office shall be filled at said election meeting.

In the event of a vacancy in any other office, the board of directors shall appoint a member to fill the unexpired

term. In the event vacancies shall be of such number as to reduce the number of directors to less than the number

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required for a quorum, the membership of the club shall have power to fill such vacancies by an election held at any regular meeting of the club upon prior notice. Such notice may be given by any remaining officer or director, but if

none, then by any member.



In the event any officer-elect, before his/her term of office commences, is unable or refuses for any reason to serve

therein, the president may call a special nomination and election meeting to elect a replacement for such officer elect.

Fourteen (14) calendar days prior notice of such meeting, setting forth the purpose, time and place shall be

given to each member, by mail or personal delivery. The election shall be held immediately after nominations have

been closed and a plurality vote shall be necessary for election.



FORFEITURE OF MEMBERSHIP. Any member may be expelled from the club for cause by a two-thirds vote of the entire board of directors. Upon removal from this club, the person may not attend any meetings of the club or other activities and shall not be eligible for re-entry to the club.This club shall remove members whose conduct has been deemed a violation of the Constitution and By-Laws or other rules of the club.


ANNUAL DUES. Each member of this club shall pay the following indicated regular annual due and shall be paid in advance at such times as the board of directors shall determine: Single member $10.00  Family 15.00


PARTISAN POLITICS/RELIGION. This club shall not endorse or recommend any candidate for public office, nor shall partisan politics or sectarian religion be debated by members in meetings of this club.


PERSONAL BENEFIT. No officer or member of this club shall use his/her membership as a means of furthering

any personal, political, or other aspiration, nor shall the club, as a whole, take part in any movement not in keeping

with its purposes and objects.


SOLICITATION OF FUNDS. No funds shall be solicited from members of the club during meetings by any individual or individuals who are not members of the club. Any suggestion or proposition made at any meeting of this club calling for the expenditure of money for other than the regular obligations shall be referred to the appropriate

Committee or to the board of directors.