Our Mission – Alachua County Beekeepers Club

The Alachua County Beekeepers Club (ABC) is open to anyone that is willing to work to help save our bees and other pollinators.

We are non-profit but accept donations to further the causes that this club was founded on.

The three main purposes of the ABC are to:

1. Share information with the public to show how everyone can take a part in helping to save the pollinators and especially the honeybees.

2. Help new beekeepers establish their hives and mentor them the first year to help them have a successful year. Members helping members helps everyone.

3. Promote our interest to youngsters and guide them in the correct ways of beekeeping from the start. Anyone under the age of 18 that is interested in learning about bees is exempt from paying dues.

This club is led by the members guiding the officers as to the way the club will function. The board of directors is designed to have volunteers looking out for the welfare of the club and not their own ambitions.

Meetings are a fun way to get answers to your beekeeping problems without any embarrassment. We all had to start somewhere and this is the place to enjoy meeting with beekeepers that want to help you gain the experience that they have achieved over the years without making the mistakes we made along the way.

We leave politics and religion outside as we are a fun loving club. No cliques allowed. If you find you don’t enjoy the meetings you are welcome to leave and start your own club. We are all volunteers and don’t have time for petty games or power struggles.

If you would like to attend our meetings please contact me for more information:

Chappie McChesney
Club Founder
386 462-2637
Please put “bee club’ in the subject line.